OSS/BSS architecture and redesign

We help service providers undertake a review of their current OSS and BSS capabilities and look for opportunities for improvement, based on the specific needs of the business. It is often the case that service providers have differing needs depending upon markets they operate in, their products, the size of their customer base and the capabilities of the organisation. We design partial or complete OSS and BSS environments, typically to a level which can be handed over to a vendor for implementation. Where improvements can be recommended, a staged implementation can be planned allowing the risks of each change to be carefully managed. Where appropriate we will follow the TMF standards (TAM, SID, eTOM).

Procurement management

We have vast experience in writing technical RFPs and running competitive tender processes. We ensure that a tender has a clear solution target supported by well defined business and technical requirements. We develop an evaluation model which proposals can be objectively measured against and carry out supplementary due-dilligence (such as customer references) as required. Typically we will short list a small number of suppliers for initial commercial discussions and carry out contract reviews to ensure that a mutually acceptable commercial agreement is reached.

Process design and redesign

Many service providers can make significant savings and offer better customer experience by understanding and improving their operational processes. Our approach is to document existing processes in the business areas under review, using eTOM as a framework. Then look at what is critical to quality and understand where process failures occur. It may be necessary to gather additional statistical data about the performance and cost of processes before redesigning those where the greatest benefit can be achieved. It is important to remember that OSS and BSS technologies automate many processes in service providers and that processes changes often mandate technology and organisational redesign. Opportunities for process improvement therefore almost always come with a business case and an implementation plan.

Data analytics

Understanding who your customers are, their behaviours and the level of service that they receive can make a tangible difference to business performance. We are experts in Data Mining techniques that use statistical methods and machine learning. We can identify segment groups within your customer base so that you can better target products and promotions, we can correlate massive datasets to identify network conditions that impact revenue, and we can quantify the effect of promotional activities so that you can measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Market proposition design

We help design and specify products which are aligned with your market strategy. Factors such as upgrades, downgrades, pricing and pro-rating are almost always more complex than first thought. It is essential to develop a robust specification for products, incorporating all of the business rules before they are implemented so that that the customer expereince can be properly understood and optimised.

MVNE and MVNO new business creation

We work with both established service providers and investors to design the technical infrastructure needed by Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs). Different MVNO business models have different technical optimal technical solutions and often the success of an MVNO is determined by having the right solution at a price which is aligned with the business plan. We have good relationships with several MVNO technology solution providers and have current knowledge of their product capabilities, and industry trends.

Programme Management and Implementation Support

Successful technology implementation requires full time management of in-house and vendor resources. It is a fact of life that during implementation new requirements will materialise and priorities will move. It is essential that the project scope is managed and that change is not allowed to undermine the original business case. We manage requirements and the solution specification, implement change control and handle project exceptions on behalf of our client reporting to stakeholders to ensure that the intended project benefits are understood and remain relevant. We also manage communications with the solution suppliers so that they are clear about what they are delivering and do not get distracted by ad-hoc requests from the service provider’s own staff.